Passenger Suffers Brain Injury When Tire Smashes Through Windshield on Highway

Video Animation Illustrates Exact Moment of Impact and Severity of Damages

A man was riding in a vehicle in the passenger seat when a tire forcibly smashed through the windshield, striking him in the forehead and knocking him unconscious. This resulted in the Plaintiff suffering a brain injury and a four-level fusion of the cervical spine. Attorney Anthony D. Shapero, of Liss, Shapero & Mitnick, contacted DK Global to create a 3D reconstruction of the incident and the resulting coup contrecoup and cervical spine injuries. A multi-million-dollar settlement was subsequently reached on behalf of Attorney Shapero’s client. 

3D Animation Conveying Mechanism of Injury

The reconstruction animation opens with a wayward tire hurtling head-on towards the Plaintiff's vehicle, slamming into the windshield and ultimately striking the passenger. The camera then zooms inside the truck and moves from the driver's perspective to a clear picture of the passenger moments before the flying tire strikes him. The impact is then replayed in slow motion as the Plaintiff is knocked unconscious. Next, a 3D animation of the coup contrecoup that he suffered is depicted. It effectively illustrates the force of the tire, hitting this man in the head and how it leads to his brain, violently moving back and forth inside his skull, causing severe damage to both sides of his brain. Then the damage to his cervical spine is depicted, highlighting where the spine was forced to snap back and forth, stressing the vertebrae. Finally, the presentation ends with actual photos of the Plaintiff and the vehicle immediately after the incident.

Mr. Shapero is a leading litigator who has pursued work on both sides of personal injury law. He has many years of trial experience representing insurance companies and for the past twenty years, has represented injured clients with their claims. After earning his Juris Doctorate in 1996, he began pursuing insurance defense work. By serving as counsel to insurance companies, Mr. Shapero gained a unique perspective and insight into the law. With personal injury law becoming increasingly complicated and specialized, he decided to use this well-rounded insight to help represent the injured person.

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"While exterior injuries are often the most impactful to the viewer simply because they are easier to understand, it is often the internal damages that are the most serious. 3D animation is a very effective way of showing the viewer the severe consequences of the force of impact on the brain."

Michael Caldwell, Founder & CEO

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