Nick Rowley & Minh Nguyen Collaborate on Case Resulting in $1.92M Verdict

Animation Assists in Illustrating Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Case to Jury

Attorney Minh T. Nguyen, of Nguyen Lawyers, ALC, overcame many challenges involved with a case after a distracted driver rear-ended his client, Joseph Hoang, on the freeway one morning. Mr. Hoang's car spun out of control, and he lost consciousness at the scene. When paramedics took Mr. Hoang to the local hospital, he was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury that would change his life forever.

Utilizing Animations to Accurately Convey Complex Brain Injuries

One of the main challenges that attorney Nguyen faced was finding a neuropsychologist who could communicate with Mr. Hoang in his native language during the medical workup. Although it took a year, Nguyen finally secured a specialist who was able to perform the exam in Vietnamese. Then he was onto his next big challenge: how to accurately explain his client's complex brain injuries to a jury accustomed to receiving information visually through images and videos.

Animated Reconstruction Shows Life-Altering Injuries Resulting From a TBI

As a solution to this complicated but all-too-common problem, attorney Nguyen worked with DK Global to create an animated reconstruction of the incident, as well as medical animations that clearly explained the resulting TBI. By utilizing these animations, and working alongside attorney Nicholas C. Rowley, of Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley, Nguyen was able to impress upon the jury just how serious and life-altering Mr. Hoang's injuries were. The result of Nguyen's hard work was a quickly decided verdict of $1.925 million to aid in Mr. Hoang's hopeful recovery.

Minh T. Nguyen is the principal lawyer at Nguyen Lawyers, A Law Corporation. He specializes in representing people with personal injuries and handles many types of accidents; including car crashes, slip-and-fall cases, defective products, dog bites, and dangerous conditions of public property cases. He serves on the Executive Committee of the Consumer Attorney Association of Los Angeles ("CAALA") and will be its president in 2023. He will be the first Asian-American president of CAALA.


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