Panish Shea & Boyle Obtains Confidential 7-Figure Result on Behalf of Police Officer

3D Animation Utilized to Highlight Injuries Sustained in Motorcycle Accident

A police officer was struck and severely injured while riding his motorcycle. The multiple, life-changing injuries sustained included a broken and dislocated elbow, broken wrists, and six broken ribs - among many more injuries throughout his body. After initial treatment and surgery, his physician stated he would probably never be able to work as a full-time police officer again. To assist in obtaining justice for their client, attorneys Adam Shea and Ryan Casey of Panish Shea & Boyle, LLP, reached out to DK Global for a presentation that would clearly explain the damages sustained and the multiple surgeries needed to correct them.

Communicating Extensive Traumatic Injuries Through Animation

Our team created an animation that depicted a 3D character model of the police officer, showing first the traumatic brain injury, nasal fractures, scalp laceration and cervical spine injuries that the Plaintiff sustained as a result of the incident. The animation continues to summarize the remaining damages, highlighting and labeling each – from a thyroid cartilage fracture to multiple rib fractures, and the multiple fractures and tears sustained in his lower and upper extremities. To further instill the severity of these injuries to the viewer, the animation shows a slide that labels all of the injuries at once, highlighting each in red. The medical animation then goes on to show the extensive hardware needed to rehabilitate the Plaintiff’s injuries, which were placed during several surgeries.

Using these medical animations to bring clarity to the extensive and devastating nature of the injuries, attorneys Casey and Shea achieved justice and a confidential high 7-Figure result for their client.

Ryan Casey is a trial attorney at Panish Shea & Boyle, LLP, focusing his practice on large and complex personal injury, wrongful death and product defect cases for individuals and consumers in Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties. Adam Shea is a founding partner of Panish Shea & Boyle, LLP. He is a nationally recognized trial lawyer with a proven track record of helping those who have been harmed by negligence, wrongful conduct, violations of safety rules and defective products. Casey and Shea continue to secure multi-million-dollar settlements and verdicts for countless clients.

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"Often, when the injured party in a case is relatively healed, it leaves the jury to question if the injuries were as severe as described. Damages presentations such as this one help to combat that thought process and provide clarity to the viewers."

Michael Caldwell, Founder & CEO

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