$20 Million Settlement Secured for Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle

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Surgical Presentation Utilized to Highlight Complex Neurostimulator Procedure

After his client was struck by a vehicle while crossing the street, attorney Arash Homampour, of The Homampour Law Firm, reached out to DK Global to assist in presenting the damages sustained and impending pain following the incident. The Plaintiff suffered a lateral meniscus tear after being struck by the front of the Defendant’s vehicle, requiring extensive surgery and a left knee arthroscopy procedure. Following this, the performing doctor diagnosed the Plaintiff with complex regional pain syndrome, an incurable condition that causes pain receptors to deliver pain messages in the form of nerve impulses to the brain. When the impulses reach the brain, it generates new impulses that are sent through the sympathetic nervous system and into the area of injury.

Million-Dollar Settlement Reached with Surgical Animations

A second presentation was created for attorney Homampour demonstrating the process involved in a spinal cord stimulation surgery. The neurostimulator trial surgery was performed on the Plaintiff due to the pain associated with complex regional pain syndrome. The animation can be seen zooming in on the Plaintiff’s lower back as a vertical incision was made along the spine. The skin and muscles turn transparent as the camera pans around to highlight the spine and entry point of the needle into the ligamentum flavum. The same steps are followed on the opposite side, and a 12-lead invectra is threaded to the mid T8 level. After completing the placement, the needles and guidewire were carefully removed, and the epidural electrodes are secured to the deep fascia.

The presentation continues as a longitudinal incision is made near the spine to create a pocket for the tunneling trocar. The electrodes are then secured to the pocket and testing was performed. The generator is then placed into the open pocket. Both incisions are irrigated and closed, following the success of the surgery. With visuals in hand, attorney Homampour was able to successfully obtain a $20 million settlement- 13x times more than the policy limit.

Attorney Arash Homampour has obtained over half a billion dollars in settlements, verdicts, and judgments on behalf of his clients. He was named one of the top 30 Plaintiff attorneys in the State by the Los Angeles Daily Journal. He was also named as one of the top 100 Southern California Super Lawyers for the 7th year in a row in 2018. As a successful trial attorney, he has achieved astonishing results against countless private and public entities.

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"Invasive surgical procedures greatly benefit from a visual presentation as they pull the viewer in and through the whole process. "

Michael Caldwell, Founder & CEO

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