$1.5M Verdict After Insurance Contests Severity of Injuries

Dan Schaar Effectively Communicates Invasive Surgeries With Medical Illustrations

When a taxi driver ran a red light, he impacted the driver's side of Yolanda’s vehicle, causing her severe spinal injuries. The taxi company refused to release the dashcam footage, arguing that Yolonda was at fault and that their driver had the right-of-way. They also argued that Yolanda's injuries were not notable, since she refused medical care at the scene of the collision and walked home that night. However, when Yolonda began medical treatment the following day, the treating doctors confirmed the seriousness of her injuries. Dan Schaar and the team at Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley rushed to her aid and employed DK Global’s illustrators to depict the damage Yolanda suffered and the rehabilitation she would need in order to recover.

Medical Illustrations to Effectively Convey Rehabilitation 

DK Global created multiple medical illustrations to convey Yolonda’s injuries and the invasiveness of the rehabilitative procedures needed for her recovery. Yolonda suffered a cervical discectomy, which is a procedure to remove a herniated disc - typically through the front of the neck - and replace it with an endplate to act as an artificial disc. She also underwent a subacromial decompression of her shoulder, a procedure where damaged portions of her shoulder are excised to allow for improved movement. Finally, a medical illustration chronologically depicted the two years of injections that Yolonda endured, including 70 grueling epidural and trigger-point injections, concluding with a view of all the injections blanketing her back.

Dan Schaar and his team attempted to resolve the case for $500,000 but the Defense refused to even come close to that demand. The case went into trial, and Yolonda was awarded $1.51 Million in non-economic damages after costs and interest.

Dan Schaar has over a decade of commendable experience in the courtroom, achieving multiple six- and seven-figure results. Dan has received large recognition by his peers having been nominated Trial Lawyer of the Year for 3 years by the Santa Clara County Trial Lawyers Association, having been awarded the Distinguished Advocate award in 2019. Dan has also received honorable mention as a SuperLawyer for the past 2 years while also committing as a Trial by Human instructor assisting lawyers in the pursuit of justice for their clients.

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"It became clear to me that the visuals helped bring to light how significant her injuries really were."

Dan Schaar - Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley

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