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Loss of Limb Victim Receives Substantial, Confidential Settlement

One morning around 4am, a semi-truck driver neglected to slow down with the flow of traffic on a Southern California freeway. The vehicles around him slowed when they saw John’s hazard lights blinking from his disabled car in the far-right lane, but the semi-truck driver didn't seem to notice. He was traveling at unsafe speeds and crashed right into John while he attempted to push his car onto the shoulder, crushing John between the grill of the semi-truck and his own disabled vehicle. The impact completely severed John’s left leg and caused a myriad of other severe injuries, including a major traumatic brain injury, a collapsed lung, right-tibial fractures, spinal fractures, multiple broken ribs, and more.

Miraculously, John survived the incident. He was immediately transported to the nearest hospital, where he was stabilized - but suffered an above-the-knee amputation of his left leg. Once they received news of this horrible accident, Robinson Calcagnie’s Scot D. Wilson and Conor M. Kelly came to John's aid as his legal representation, knowing that they needed to clearly depict the Defense’s culpability in order to win this case. The two attorneys commissioned DK Global to work with their retained experts and create a reconstruction animation of the tragic events that changed John’s life forever.

The presentation that DK Global created begins with a view of John’s vehicle, which was rendered inoperable after a motor carrier truck hit him from behind and then sped off, leaving John stranded. Unable to drive his car off the road, John was forced to exit his vehicle and push it onto the shoulder. Witnesses stated that surrounding traffic noticed John and his hazard lights and slowed down in response. However, despite the decelerating traffic, the Defendant continued at unsafe speeds and didn't notice John until it was too late, violently colliding with him and his disabled vehicle. With the Defendant’s liability demonstrated, the two attorneys showed the result of the truck driver’s negligence with a surgical animation that walked the viewer through John’s amputation along with an animation that summarized his long list of injuries.

Scot and Conor presented the demonstratives to the Defense and reached a successful resolution between both parties with a substantial, confidential settlement.

Newport Beach-based law firm, Robinson Calcagnie, Inc., takes every measure to ensure each client receives the care and attention needed to achieve successful resolutions. The firm has had great success in representing their clients, including multiple multi-million-dollar verdicts and settlements since opening in 1978.

"Being given the liberty to touch on every aspect of this case resulted in visuals that captured a fully realized demonstrative for court."
Michael Caldwell - DK Global Founder & CEO
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