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Driver and Vehicle Fall Seven Stories Due to Faulty Barrier

As most people would probably agree, safety should be the top priority when building a multi-level parking garage. But for the owner of one Texas garage, profit became more important than the safety of his patrons.

In every multi-level parking garage, there is a system of barriers that prevent cars from falling off the side of the building, called a “vehicle restraint system.” In this particular Texas garage, when the restraint system on the seventh floor needed maintenance, the owner decided to cut corners and use simple metal cables, instead of complying with safety regulations and using a stronger material like concrete or steel. 

Although the owner of the garage probably thought that nothing would happen as a result of his negligence, he was sorely mistaken, and ended up in a lawsuit after a woman accidentally drove right through the barrier and fell from the seventh story in her car. Miraculously, the Plaintiff survived, but she suffered serious injuries that would affect her for the remainder of her life – and that’s when Attorney Sean Breen, of Howry Breen and Herman, LLP, quickly came to her aid.

“As she was pulling into the parking spot, she accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake. She wasn’t going very fast, but since the barrier was woefully inadequate – it was dangerous,” stated Sean Breen, “it didn’t restrain her, and she went through it like a hot knife through butter, and off seven floors down to the ground below.”

Sean Breen contacted DK Global for a presentation to show how the accident happened, and the injuries his client suffered as a result. The presentation also shows footage of the Plaintiff’s vehicle falling off the side of the garage and onto the pavement below. With the help of Sean’s retained medical experts, the Plaintiff's head-to-toe injuries – including a large scalp laceration, spinal fractures, and more – were accurately depicted and highlighted. To help make sense of the complex medical procedures and terminology, multiple 3D animations were used to demonstrate the invasive, corrective surgeries that Sean’s client endured.

After several back-and-forth mediations, Sean Breen obtained a confidential settlement for his client right before trial – an amount that will certainly help to aid in her lifelong recovery. 

Sean Breen is a record-setting, experienced trial attorney who considers his clients family, and fights every day to deliver not only the best results, but the special trust and confidence that his clients expect and deserve. He has won numerous Hall of Fame verdicts and has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in awards for his clients. Sean has been recognized as one of the Best Lawyers in America for Personal Injury, Product Liability, Commercial Litigation, and Construction Litigation, Top 50 US Verdicts, Texas Verdicts Hall of Fame, Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, National Top 100 Trial Lawyers, and Super Lawyers.

With the help of several animations, Sean Breen obtained a favorable settlement for his client who drove off the 7th floor of a parking garage due to the owner's decision to hire an unqualified contractor to build a weak barrier of cables instead of stronger materials like cement

"Our obstacle was trying to figure out how to take somebody who looks good, and explain to the jury that, on the inside, it's not that way - and DK Global was a pathway for us doing that."
Sean Breen – Howry Breen & Herman LLP
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