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Spencer Lucas of Panish Shea & Boyle Secures $5M Policy Limit Using Damages Animation

A big rig driver traveled along the 105 Freeway in Los Angeles, California, towing a caterpillar excavator, the behemoth of all construction equipment. As he approached a standstill, he failed to slow down and plowed into the back of a Chevy sedan, ultimately causing a four-car pileup. The Chevy collided with the back of Steve Felix’s vehicle, an 88-year-old man commuting with his sister-in-law to a family wedding. Steve’s spine suffered a catastrophic fracture and dislocation, rendering him paralyzed from the waist down.

Initially, the Defendant denied all liability for the incident, arguing Steve somehow caused the chain of collisions. After deposing all the parties and acquiring data from their vehicles’ black boxes, Spencer Lucas of Panish Shea & Boyle LLP proved the truck driver was responsible. Then, he shifted his focus toward attaining the Defendant’s $5 million policy limit by illustrating Steve’s damages.

While Steve was in the hospital, his family enlisted Spencer’s help. Spencer visited Steve as he recovered from his spine surgery, vowing to obtain justice for his life-changing traumas.

To determine the truth, Spencer carefully consolidated evidence from the crash. He retained accident reconstruction experts to interpret the data from the broken vehicles while he deposed the parties involved. He discovered the Defendant was working under the scope of his employment but was unaware of safe driving procedures. Moreover, the Defendant had several prior accidents. In the end, he was found solely liable for the incident.

Spencer outlined a demand for the Defense’s $5 million policy limit. However, the carrier rejected it twice, prompting him to contact DK Global to reinforce his next attempt.

Using expert testimony and medical imagery, DK Global modeled Steve’s spinal injuries into an accurate 3D animation. First, the presentation showed Steve’s skeleton before focusing on his T12-L1 vertebral fracture and dislocation that paralyzed him. Next, his hematomas and interspinous ligament tears were displayed, demonstrating the immense pain and suffering Steve endured.

With a DK Global animation bolstering Spencer’s third demand package, he successfully obtained the $5 million policy limit. Then, Spencer repurposed the animation for arbitration to distribute the money amongst the two other claimants.

After a four-day meeting with a retired judge and the other parties’ counsel, Steve was apportioned $4 million to compensate him for his devastating injuries.

Spencer Lucas is a trial lawyer at Southern California-based firm Panish Shea & Boyle LLP. He was recognized “On the Fast Track” by The Recorder magazine and consistently named a “Super Lawyer” and “Best Lawyer in America.” Spencer has obtained numerous multi-million-dollar verdicts and settlements in his career and prides himself on advocating for survivors of catastrophic trauma.

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