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Scene Inspection Shows Former District Attorney Liable for Hitting Couple in Crosswalk

A former district attorney drove through a stop sign in his large van during a field trip in Redlands, CA. Consequently, he struck an elderly couple crossing the street, inflicting debilitating injuries. Instead of admitting fault, he tried to use his legal prowess to avoid responsibility. Incredibly, he argued that the shadows from the surrounding trees precluded him from seeing the couple at the intersection. Cory Weck of McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP secured a $1,500,000 settlement for the Plaintiffs by enlisting DK Global to conduct a scene inspection on the anniversary of the incident and produce a video documentary.

Mark and Linda Self enjoyed walking through the Redlands neighborhood every afternoon, admiring the Victorian homes and architecture. They arrived at the intersection, looked both ways, and crossed. Simultaneously, the Defendant approached the crossing, failed to stop, and blindsided them. A witness’s dashboard camera captured the two being struck and thrown to the ground.

Mark and Linda suffered severe injuries and were taken to a hospital. However, even with the incident captured on tape, the Defendant claimed it wasn’t his fault. He stated the sun’s position blinded him and made it difficult to see the couple. Shockingly, not only did he deny liability, he argued Mark and Linda had comparative fault because they could have avoided being hit if they had looked both ways more carefully. Mark and Linda needed help attaining justice and disproving the blatant claim made by the litigation-savvy Defendant. Thus, they were referred to Cory Weck, a leading trial attorney in Southern California’s Inland Empire.

Shocked by the Defendant’s lack of remorse, Cory filed suit. He retained an accident reconstructionist and an orthopedic specialist to attest to the severity of both Plaintiffs’ damages. After a thorough investigation, Cory obtained the dashcam footage of the incident. However, because the video only captured one angle of the collision, he knew he needed additional evidence to refute the Defendant’s appalling claim. Almost a year after the incident, Cory contacted DK Global to examine the intersection and record anything in the environment that could have prevented the Selfs from being visible.

Exactly one year after the collision, DK Global’s experts inspected the intersection where the collision occurred. Drone footage and photographs captured the sun’s direction and lighting. Videos taken from the Defendant’s path of travel showed no shadows or obstructions that could have hindered him from seeing the Selfs crossing the street.

Cory shared the evidence with the Defense during mediation. After deliberating for six hours, the Defense agreed to settle the case for $1,500,000 before a jury could review the exhibits and award an even higher verdict.

Attorney Cory Weck, a partner at McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP, is a leading trial lawyer in the Inland Empire and is “AV Distinguished” rated by Martindale-Hubbell. Since 2012, Cory has been peer-selected as one of the top 5% of attorneys on the California Super Lawyers list. He has obtained numerous multi-million-dollar results for his deserving clients and has been listed among the “Top 100 Trial Lawyers in California” by The National Trial Lawyers.

"Any attorney who is not utilizing a company that is as quality as what DK Global produces, they're bordering on malpractice on any catastrophic injury case."
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