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8-Figure Settlement for Family Devastated by 18-Wheeler Crash

On a picturesque June day in Texas, a negligent 18-wheeler driver barreled through a construction zone, heedlessly ignoring the road signage that urged drivers to take caution and slow down. Ahead of him, a mother, father, their three children, and niece were enjoying a causal drive, unaware that their lives would be forever changed in an instant. Suddenly, from behind, the 18-wheeler roared into view. The driver, unable to slow his speed, rear-ended the family of six, decimating the car and severely injuring those inside. One week later, Daryl L. Derryberry of Derryberry Zips Wade, PLLC, began working with the family to fight against injustice and ultimately secure an 8-figure settlement for those involved.

The niece suffered the most severe injuries of all the family members involved in the accident. She experienced a severe traumatic brain injury, multiple contusions, and fractures that required numerous screws and plates to be set within her skull and cheekbone. These injuries ultimately needed lifelong care and intense rehabilitative treatment.

Despite the obvious negligence of the truck driver, the family worried that the Defense would allege contributory comparative responsibility to reduce the niece’s damages. Unfortunately, her seatbelt was unsecured at the time of the accident.

Daryl knew that he had to demonstrate to the truck’s insurance carrier the extensive and life-altering scope of injuries experienced by the Plaintiff. Therefore, he assembled a team of eight experts: a life care planner, the treating physician that attended the niece's operations, a vocational rehabilitator, an economist, a liability expert, a trucking expert, an accident reconstructionist, and the board-certified neuropsychologist. Finally, after comparing similar animation companies, Daryl chose DK Global to synthesize and demonstrate the various experts’ analyses of his client’s injuries.

The finalized animation demonstrated the extent of the Plaintiff’s injuries. First, her external lacerations and contusions were revealed. Next, the presentation depicted the niece’s skull fractures juxtaposed with medical scans to demonstrate their accuracy. Medical interventions were detailed, requiring doctors to insert metal screws and plates into the bone. Finally, the Plaintiff’s multiple brain injuries were described. The illustrations listed the brain deficits to her frontal, temporal, frontal-temporal, and occipital lobes, as well as to her brainstem.

Daryl used the animation in his damages presentation. He and the Defense mediated the case 60 days before trial. Once again, Daryl showed the carrier the animation. The parties ultimately secured a confidential eight-figure settlement.

Daryl L . Derryberry is a founding partner of Derryberry Zips Wade, PLLC. With a legal career spanning nearly three decades, Daryl focuses his practice on clients who have sustained catastrophic, life-changing injuries and wrongful death cases. Since 2017, he has been listed as a Top-Rated Personal Injury Attorney in Tyler, TX and a Super Lawyer for personal injury by Texas Monthly Magazine. Additionally, Daryl is a Life Member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Derryberry is a member of the Fellows of the Texas Bar Foundation and is board certified in Personal Injury Trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

"It really worked out well and it aided us. We used [the animation] as part of our damage demand that we made, and it was also part of our mediation presentation. It was a very valuable tool and resource."
Daryl Derryberry - Derryberry Zips Wade, PLLC
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