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Animation Brings $500K Offer to $3.5M Settlement on Eve of Trial for Motorcycle Crash

Following another 16-hour shift, a man awoke from his few hours of sleep and rushed back to work in his pickup truck. Sleep-deprived, he prepared to make an unprotected left turn at an intersection. However, the driver didn’t check if it was safe and drove right into the path of Roberto Segura, a security officer who was riding his Vespa motor scooter to work. Roberto’s scooter T-boned the truck’s passenger side, causing life-changing injuries. Roberto’s attorney referred the case to trial attorney Ted Wacker of TBW Law after the Defense refused to offer an adequate settlement amount. On the eve of trial, Ted attained a $3,500,000 settlement using a damages overview and surgical animation that illuminated Roberto’s pain and suffering.

Roberto lost consciousness and was rushed to a nearby hospital. He had injuries from the neck down. The collision lacerated his spleen, weakening his immune system and ability to fight infections. His fractured ribs caused a flail chest, a deadly condition that constricts and limits lung capacity. Doctors embolized his spleen and used 42 screws to secure metal plates to his ribs. As Roberto recovered, he experienced labored breathing, lack of sleep, and constant pain.

With grit and determination, Roberto made a remarkable recovery and even returned to work, causing the Defense to contest the severity of his injuries. Roberto retained an attorney who received a $500,000 settlement offer on the carrier’s $1,000,000 policy. However, that amount would not sufficiently compensate Roberto for his diminished quality of life and future medical care. With trial looming, the attorney referred the case to Ted Wacker. Ted filed his claim and discovered the carrier’s excess policy of $4,000,000, amounting to $5,000,000 in available recovery.

Ted attended mediation and received an offer of $1,050,000. However, he refused. Ted knew the opposition was underestimating Roberto’s injuries, and he needed a way to help them visualize the extent of the damages. Ted worked with DK Global to illustrate the gravity of Roberto’s condition, creating an animation of his injuries and invasive surgeries.

A 3D model of Roberto highlighted his lacerations, orthopedic injuries, and disc bulges. Then, depictions of his flail chest, ruptured spleen, and blood-filled abdominal cavity illuminated the tremendous pain he suffered. Next, to demonstrate the great lengths Roberto went to get better, his open reduction fixation surgery showed doctors removing portions of his ribs to allow his lungs to expand. Seven surgical plates and dozens of screws were drilled into his broken ribs. Finally, a catheter was advanced into his right femur to embolize his splenic arteries.

Ted shared the visual aids with the opposing counsel during a second mediation. Shortly after, they increased their offer to $2,000,000. Again, Ted declined. He set his sights on trial. As their court date approached, the Defense looked to mediate one last time. After further discussion, Ted agreed to settle the matter for $3,500,000.

For over 25 years, trial attorney and Golden Advocate Award winner Ted Wacker has represented the victims of catastrophic injury cases. A member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, Ted has also been recognized as a "California Super Lawyer" and a “Top Trial Attorney” by The National Trial Lawyers.

"We all hear the saying, 'A picture is worth a thousand words.' Well, in this case, a DK Global video is worth $3.5 Million."
Ted B. Wacker - TBW Law
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