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Reckless Rear-End Collision Results in Permanent Damage for Motorcyclist

A usually serene freeway became disrupted by the reckless driving of a vehicle barreling down the road. With a blatant disregard for safety, the driver accelerated to a perilously high speed, far surpassing what is deemed safe or typical for such a roadway. Further down the freeway, a law student was merging on his motorcycle. Unbeknownst to him, the careless driver rapidly approached from behind. The vehicle smashed into the back of the motorcycle, causing the rider to be thrown onto the road. The student narrowly escaped further harm by dragging himself out of the path of oncoming traffic. However, the culprit of the rear-end collision disappeared at night.

Because he had donned full protective gear, the motorcyclist's injuries were less severe than one might anticipate from such a harrowing incident. However, they were far from trivial. The trauma assessment at the hospital revealed road rash, fractures in his hand, and a broken fibula — injuries that would resonate throughout his life. Despite the apparent severity, the Defense initially dismissed the case as nothing more than a "broken pinky."

Daniel Jones, a personal injury attorney with Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc., was introduced to the case through a connection within the firm. He immediately recognized the gravity of the motorcyclist's injuries and their impact on his client's future as a law student. The Defense's underestimation of the injuries and their flippant inquiries about motorcycle seatbelts and airbags only fueled Daniel's resolve.

As litigation unfolded, Daniel understood that to convey the true extent of his client's injuries, especially the complicated hand trauma, visual aids would be essential. He and his firm had worked with DK Global in the past, and Daniel reached out for a presentation. Daniel shared his client’s medical records and expert testimony, and together they crafted precise, detailed animations that brought invisible injuries to light.

The animation began with an overview of the motorcyclist's injuries, highlighting multiple abrasions on his knees, arms, and back. Next, it showcased the obliquely oriented fractures in his left hand. Then, the camera angle shifted to focus on the fractures in his fibula before fading out. Once the first scene concluded, the video transitioned to an operating room, depicting a detailed recreation of the surgical procedure used to repair his hand. An incision was made on the top of his palm where two clamps were used to force the bone back into place. For stabilization, two wires were inserted into the ends of the hand bone, allowing it to heal in the correct position. Last, the incision was meticulously cleaned and sealed with staples, resembling a zipper on the top of his hand.

The Defense initially offered a settlement of $300,000, and Daniel’s client was considering accepting it. However, Daniel’s persistent advocacy, coupled with the persuasive power of visual evidence, compelled the Defense to reconsider. His efforts resulted in securing a final settlement of $750,000—more than double the initial offer.

Daniel Jones, an attorney at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc, earned his Juris Doctor from the University of San Diego School of Law. He previously served as a law clerk for the Primary Public Defender in San Diego. He is fluent in Spanish and is admitted to practice in the state of California. He is an esteemed member of the State Bar of California and the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego. Daniel has been named a Super Lawyers Rising Star in 2017, 2018, and 2019 — an achievement limited to the top 2.5% attorneys in California.

"Every single time that we've brought DK Global in, we've been able to either maximize a settlement or we've ended up with very good verdicts as well."
Daniel Jones - Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc.
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