Million-Dollar Settlement Secured for Slip and Fall
3D Animation Highlights Mechanism of Injury and Alternate Scenarios

A woman hit her head after falling down a few feet of stairs causing her to experience immediate pain and dizziness. It was later revealed at the hospital that she was experiencing swelling and bleeding in her brain. The representing attorney called upon DK Global to assist him with the depiction of how the incident occurred and the mechanics of her injury beginning with the coup-contrecoup.

The 3D animation commences with a model of the building and its surrounding environment. Focusing in on the missing handrail on the stairs, we see the Plaintiff exit the building. As children head up the stairs towards the Plaintiff, she quickly turns to the right side to avoid impact with the children. In the process, she missteps over an object on the ground and falls down several feet due to a missing handrail.

Following the animation of the injury, the scene transitions to alternate scenarios, showing how the injury could have been prevented. The scenarios include a cone being placed near the edge of the steps, which would have warned the Plaintiff and avoided her fall. The second scenario includes the addition of a handrail, which the woman could have held onto and stopped her from falling. With the help of DK's presentation, the woman's attorney was successfully able to attain a million dollar settlement, higher than expected, on her behalf.

Consequently, she sustained a coup-contrecoup which is a result of the brain impacting a side of the skull and rebounding to the opposite side, leading to brain damage occurring on both sides.

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