Man's Vehicle Crushed Between Two Big Rigs
Rotator Cuff Tear Causes Man To Lose Ability To Ever Work Again

A 57-year-old Construction Manager in town from Arizona was seriously injured in morning rush-hour traffic along the W/B 210 Freeway in Duarte, CA. His 2014 Jeep Compass was “sandwiched” and crushed between two big rigs when the driver of the big rig behind him was driving too fast for conditions and was unable to stop. The Plaintiff suffered a rotator cuff tear and sever axillary nerve injury on the left side which required surgery. Consequently, he was never the same and unable to ever return to his prior job. Attorney Dylan Pollard of the Pollard Bailey Firm in Beverly Hills, CA reached out to DK Global to create a two-part visual reconstruction which depicted the violence of the crash and the subsequent injuries inflicted. 

The presentation begins with an establishing Google maps shot/phase-in, setting the stage for the location of the collision. Using expert input, the animation accurately depicts the speed and distance that the big rig trailer traveled before it collided with the Plaintiff’s vehicle. This tool allows the jury, mediator, or arbitrator to see first-hand the full force of the impact. It also portrays the “biomechanics” of the crash—how the Plaintiff’s body moved as the bulk of the force propelled him forward. In this case, his grasp of the steering wheel at the moment of impact resulted in great force shooting up through the Plaintiff’s left shoulder causing a rotator tear/nerve injury. The presentation concludes with medical illustrations detailing the injuries (with sound effects). Our team was able to show the key aspects of his injury side-by-side for the audience to understand. This case resolved for the rear-ending big rig’s policy limits at mediation, where this animation was shown, and it was instrumental at showing the insurance carrier their potential exposure which was many multiples above the policy limits.

Attorney Dylan Pollard has over 22 years of experience as a trial lawyer and has successfully obtained multi-million-dollar results in trial and in settlement for his clients.  Using animations such as the above are key components to his success.

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