Litigating Construction Defects
Explosions, Structural Collapse, Mold, & Dangerous Building Sites

According to a joint release on new residential construction in January 2015 from the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, privately-owned housing units authorized by building permits increased 8.1 percent and new housing starts increased 18.7 percent above the January 2014 estimates. The release of new residential sales of single-family homes indicated an increase of 5.3 percent above the January 2014 estimate. Builders and developers aim to keep costs down, subsequently utilizing subcontractors on various projects, and often select lower cost bids which could result in the use of poor materials and unskilled laborers. With home sales and building projects on the rise, potential homeowners are vulnerable to purchasing properties with defective designs and faulty workmanship, which can lead to a lengthy and complex process in order to pinpoint liability and recover funds for the cost of repairs. DK Global has assisted in a number of matters involving various home and structure defects by providing attorneys with comprehensive presentations using a combination of visual elements such as scene and structure modeling, laser scans, reconstruction animation and custom graphics. Every case is unique and requires a custom visual approach to accurately display convoluted data in design, material, construction, or subsurface deficiencies suited for pre-litigation dispute resolution and trial.  

“The Staff at DK Global are incredibly professional and easy to work with. They have experience in providing demonstrative exhibits and animations in so many different types of cases that I found their ideas and suggestions to be invaluable. They understand what a jury and other decision makers need to know to decide in your favor and the most powerful way to get them there.”

John M. O’Brien  John M. O’Brien and Associates, P.C.

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Our team of visual consultants understand the complexities of construction defect litigation, invariably involving multiple parties, and work with our clients to ensure the production of key visuals that relay conclusive information.
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