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Shifting Focus from Soft-Tissue Injuries to Traumatic Brain Injuries Results in $925,000 Settlement

In sunny California, a careless driver failed to check his surroundings before merging into a lane, colliding with 70-year-old Jane Doe. Jane retained an attorney who represented her in a collision three years prior. In the previous case, her attorney attained an underwhelming resolution due to a lackluster approach. The attorney focused on Jane’s soft-tissue injuries and coordinated her medical examinations only with a chiropractor. Consequently, he failed to communicate Jane’s most devastating trauma: her diffuse axonal injury.

Jane’s pre-existing condition was aggravated after the second collision. She complained of headaches, sensitivity to light, dissonance, and loss of balance. Despite Jane presenting symptoms of a traumatic brain injury, her initial lawyer employed the same ineffective strategy. After her attorney failed to schedule a neurological assessment and the Defense underappreciated her damages again, Jane realized she needed better representation to get the justice she deserved.

Three months later, she contacted Pius Joseph of the Law Offices of Pius Joseph to attain reparations from the Defendant’s insurance carrier. After learning her symptoms, Pius shifted the focus to Jane’s brain injuries and scheduled her to be examined by a neurologist. Due to Jane’s age, Pius anticipated difficulty proving Jane’s injuries were not caused by age-appropriate degeneration. However, initial testing and MRIs revealed hemosiderin deposits and evidence of axonal shearing in Jane’s brain.

When the Defense demanded Jane be examined by their retained neuropsychologist, the expert opined Jane suffered no impairment. At the first mediation, the Defense offered to settle the case for a mere $10,000. Due to their low offer, Pius welcomed the opportunity to try his case, stating he would contend the integrity of the Defense’s examination. To interpret Jane’s trauma and compel the Defense to acknowledge the severity of her injuries, Pius took his medical imagery to DK Global to be enhanced.

DK Global created a comprehensive presentation with the medical images Pius provided. The demonstrative exhibit took a molecular look inside Jane’s brain, displaying the mechanism of a diffuse axonal injury. As Jane’s neurons experienced the collision’s rotational forces, her nerve cells stretched, damaging the axons and preventing them from communicating with one another. Then, Jane’s MRIs detailing her axonal injury were colored, labeled, and overlaid onto a 3D character model with her likeness. Doing so allowed jury members and lay readers to better understand what the medical scans were showing. Finally, the adverse effects of Jane’s trauma were listed, including anxiety, depression, double vision, headaches, and memory difficulties.

30 days before trial, the Defense again requested to mediate the case. After presenting the DK Global animation to the opposition, Pius secured Jane a $925,000 settlement, allowing his client to retire and recover comfortably.

Pius Joseph is a seasoned attorney based in Pasadena, California with over 25 years of experience. A member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, Pius received multiple million-dollar verdicts representing clients involved in personal injury and product liability cases. Pius prides himself on being a strong advocate for his clients, stating “A doctor is someone who cures the patient, and a lawyer is the one who finds solutions for the human problems, making their suffering less.”

"The work done by DK Global has been of immense value to me to persuade the defense to pay what they needed to pay in this case."
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