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Man Brutalized on Camera Attains Settlement Against Landlord

Under California law, landlords and their security guards have a duty to protect their patrons from dangerous third-party individuals. However, one landlord failed to stop a man from attacking John Doe after John accidentally dropped an item on the assailant's car. He was hit, thrown to the ground, and repeatedly stomped on.

The attacker, who was twice John’s size and weight, fractured his skull in several places and inflicted a traumatic brain injury. Surveillance video revealed apathetic security guards watch as John was brutalized. Tragically, not only did they wait to intervene until after the attacker had finished, they threw John out from the property.

Immediately after the event, John began experiencing symptoms of brain damage. He was rushed to a nearby hospital by his sister. While being examined by doctors, his sister contacted Granth Crhoelman of California Injury, PLC. Granth met with John as he recovered from the thrashing and agreed to represent him, demanding justice for the onslaught John endured.

Granth’s first step in attaining recovery for his client involved coordinating John’s transportation and as many medical appointments as possible. Next, he filed a lawsuit against the complex's owner. The Defense strongly argued they were not liable for John’s injuries because the attacker was a third-party visitor. Granth rebutted that the guard’s idleness contributed to the severity of John’s damages.

Then, Granth received a critical piece of evidence from a clandestine, uninvolved witness: the recording of the confrontation. This video demonstrated that the altercation was an unreasonable reaction to a simple misunderstanding – and one that could have easily been stopped.

To compellingly present the incident and his client's pain and suffering during mediation, Granth called on DK Global to enhance the video and John's medical imagery. John was seen in the footage apologizing to the man before he was struck and thrown to the floor. Then, the presentation transitioned to an anatomical view of John’s facial fractures and corresponding cognitive trauma: PTSD, anxiety, depression, and more.

After several back-and-forth exchanges between the two parties, Granth went into mediation. He attained a substantial, confidential settlement for John, aiding him in his finances and future medical care.

Granth Crhoelman is the managing attorney at California Injury, PLC. He specializes in personal injury cases, premises liability, and vehicle accidents. From the interview to financial recovery, Granth is involved and focused on his clients as he guides them through the legal process. Granth began his career as a tax attorney and has since then represented survivors of catastrophic injuries with a proven track record of success.

"This was the first time I've used DK Global, and I'm happy to say that [their animation] was a large factor in what we sought to recover and what we recovered."
Granth Crhoelman - California Injury, PLC
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