Man Crushed by Cement Truck
$2,950,000 Settlement Achieved for Damages

When a 49-year-old man was crushed by a cement truck, DK Global was called upon to create a damages presentation for Frederick Schenk of the CaseyGerry firm, which included a 3D medical animation and a “Day in the Life” style video documentary to conclusively relay the extent of injuries the man sustained. The plaintiff, and owner of the cement truck, was standing near the loaded vehicle in the designated parking area of the job site. Unbeknownst to him, the plates below the truck were improperly secured which caused the street beneath the truck to give way, triggering the truck tip over, and crush the plaintiff. As a result, he suffered bilateral superior and inferior pubic rami fractures, a lateral femoral condylar fracture on the left knee, and a lateral proximal tibia fracture, necessitating several corrective procedures.

The DK team created a comprehensive Medical Animation that pinpointed the injuries using a 3D model of the plaintiff. Additionally, the team provided the client with a “Day in the Life” style video which captured the physical hardships that the plaintiff has had to endure since the incident. With compelling visual assistance, attorney Schenk settled the case for a substantial amount of $2,950,000

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The strength of this case was bolstered with strategically crafted visuals, which paved the way for a very favorable outcome.
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