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Motorcyclist with Salvaged Limb Receives Favorable Settlement

The sun set along the Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach, California. Suddenly, the beautiful day turned gruesome after a driver failed to yield the right-of-way to a motorcyclist, causing a grisly accident that resulted in a salvaged limb operation.

Ronald was cruising along Route 1 on his Harley Davidson Low Rider. As he approached 10th Street, a woman driving a BMW sedan turned left into his path, giving him no time to react. He struck the passenger side of the vehicle, severely damaging his left leg; the force of the collision nearly snapped his ankle in half. As blood poured from his lower extremity, he writhed in pain, waiting for first responders to arrive.

Ronald was transported to a nearby hospital where doctors tended to his deep lacerations and fissures. They measured his mangled wound at 15 centimeters (roughly 6 inches) long. Radiology reports revealed Ronald severely fractured his left tibia and fibula. Concerned with the severity of his injuries, doctors discussed potentially amputating his leg; thankfully, though, the surgeons performed an emergency operation, fastening a fixator along his ankle and rescuing what was left of his limb.

A week later, the hardware was removed, reassembled, and surgeons performed an open reduction internal fixation surgery to repair the severely broken bones. Additionally, Ronald underwent other invasive procedures: surgical reconstruction of his skin and muscles, wound debridement, and bone grafting.

Focused on recovery, Ronald was unable to work for a year. Considering the severity of his injuries, he made incredible progress toward rehabilitation. He contacted Jenny Anglin of The Simon Law Group to help him attain fair compensation for his devastating injury and lost wages. Carefully evaluating the case’s facts, Jenny anticipated communicating the extent and intensity of her client’s damages would be challenging, due to how well he appeared to be healing. To refute claims underestimating her client’s injuries, she needed to convey the rigorous care and work required for Ronald to recuperate. Jenny was referred to DK Global by a former co-counsel to create a 3D animation illustrating her client’s horrible fractures, lacerations, and the intrusive methods needed to improve.

To ensure the medical accuracy of the presentation, DK Global’s team worked closely with Jenny’s retained orthopedic expert to create the storyboards of the presentation. The animation began with a view of the massive gash across Ronald’s left ankle, his foot nearly severed from his leg. Each injured muscle was labeled next to the large open fractures. The medical hardware used over six months was recreated and shown secured across his bones. Then, a depiction of his grafting procedure displayed a drill opening the canal of his femur, followed by instruments harvesting the material needed to fill in the gaps between his fractures to rebuild his leg.

Armed with such a comprehensive video, Jenny looked to resolve the case at mediation. After months of negotiations with the mediator and adverse party, Jenny and her team obtained a full and fair settlement on the day of trial call.

Jenny Anglin is a managing attorney at The Simon Law Group and was selected as a “Super Lawyer” after attaining a high degree of peer recognition and professional achievement throughout her career. Rated as one of the top personal injury attorneys in Seal Beach, CA by Super Lawyers, she was also selected among their “Rising Stars” in 2015 and continues to lead the firm, achieving more than tens of millions in compensation for Simon Law Group’s deserving clients.

They measured his mangled wound to 15 centimeters (6 inches) long.

"DK Global delivered a quality animation that I feel added a lot of value to our case."
Jenny Anglin - The Simon Law Group
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