Pedestrian Struck In Crosswalk Suffers Ankle Injury
Permanent Injuries Sustained by Pedestrian

Berkeley attorney, Susie Injijian, founder of the Injijian Law Office, represented a 58 year old pedestrian who suffered a right ankle fracture after being struck by a vehicle, while walking in a crosswalk. Despite fixation with metal plates and screws, the Plaintiff developed chronic gait issues that resulted in a serious injury to her left knee. Attorney Injijian contacted DK Global to create an animation that would prove the injury from the collision resulted in the left knee injury and overall, that the injuries sustained were serious.

DK Global produced a 3D animated video that dynamically illustrated the severity of the woman's injuries and her subsequent permanent impairments. A 3D character model with basic likeness is depicted walking with a limp, showing the alteration in the Plaintiff's gait as a result of her compensating with one side of her body to avoid pain in her right ankle. Colorized imagery is utilized on medical illustrations with 3D components to highlight the Plaintiff's injuries. The illustration includes the extensive hardware required in the original surgical procedure, following the collision, to repair her broken ankle. Text ensures any viewer's full understanding of the scope of the injuries by comparing the mobility in each of her legs. The text and rich graphics prove that the permanent damage suffered by the Plaintiff is not just serious, but is also a direct result of the vehicle striking her in the crosswalk. Equipped with the comprehensive animation, Attorney Injijian secured justice for her client in the amount of $400,000, although the Plaintiff had relatively low medical costs and no wage loss.  

"The defense tried to deny that the collision caused the left knee injury, but they had a hard time doing so with the causal dynamic illustrated so vividly and convincingly by the animation. The animation was valuable in getting a top dollar settlement also because it showed we were ready to put on a compelling case at trial. Everyone at DK Global is great to work with. You worked with my budget and were responsive to my requests." - Susie Injijian, Esq.

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The cause of the left knee injury wasn’t obvious to the defense, but the client knew it was a result of her ankle fracture, and the medical reports supported her claim. The visual presentation created by DK Global was vital in showing the progression of injuries.
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