Relaying Internal Injuries to the Jury
Victim Suffers Spinal Injury

A Reconstruction Animation displaying the Mechanism of Injury, provides the viewer with a unique ability to visualize the damages caused as a result of a collision. Every case is different, and requires a custom approach to the visual strategy from start to finish.
In the animation below, DK utilized a variety of creative techniques to show the forces that caused the plaintiff to suffer multiple, debilitating injuries as a result of the vehicle collision. The techniques clearly demonstrated liability and offered the viewer a unique perspective of the internal injuries the driver sustained. The production team at DK Global was able to produce a reconstruction animation that provided a likeness of the plaintiff and a 3D model of the environment, accounting for multiple perspectives.  This presentation resulted in an accurate depiction of the incident endured by the plaintiff and proved to be a valuable asset to the legal team.

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Through meticulous attention to detail and a process of refinement, the team at DK Global works with appointed experts to ensure every project is accurately transformed from reports, data, and expert testimony, into clear and concise visuals.
Michael Caldwell, President & CEO |
President & CEO
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Senior Visual Consultant
Although the facts and outcomes presented in this email are intended to be true and accurate, they represent the reporting of a unique matter and do not imply or guarantee any type of result or outcome for matters in which DK Global is involved.

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