Spinal Fusion Animation
$825,000 Settlement

Attorney Frederick M. Dudek of the Dudek Law Firm APC called on the visual presentation specialists at DK Global to produce an animation that showcased the details of the procedures and techniques involved in a spinal fusion surgery. The Medical Animation created by DK Global is an innovative approach to evidentiary presentation, which has proven to increase a fact-finder’s retention of information and understanding of the material presented. By taking advantage of this powerful tool, attorney Dudek was able to secure an $825,000 settlement for his client, just before trial was set to begin.

The animation highlights the surgical process of a posterior open reduction and internal fixation spinal fusion of the T11-T12, T12-L1, and L1-L2 levels. The animation also reveals the method and application of a bone autograft and allograft. Such animation makes complex and dynamic processes accessible to laypersons who might otherwise shy away from graphic representations of medical procedures.

"The video explaining fusion surgery was very compelling and DK Global made changes based on feedback from the operating surgeon. Even the defense expert admitted it was accurate and would be helpful to the jury!" -Frederick M. Dudek


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You can rely on the professional team of consultants and animators at DK Global to find a way to bring your project to life. DK Global has the experience and expertise to meet your needs so that you can make the best case for your deserving clients.
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