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Visualizing Trucking Accidents and Creating Impactful Results

Every year, around half a million trucking accidents occur in the United States – with about 5,000 of those accidents resulting in death. Because large trucks weigh roughly 20-30 times more than passenger vehicles, these accidents often result in the smaller vehicles under-riding the truck or trailer. Despite this continuing problem, U.S. federal guidelines do not require front or side “underride guards” on large trucks – even though they have the potential to reduce injury or death.

However, federal regulations do require trucks to have a minimum number of reflectors along their trailers to reduce these occurrences when it’s dark. Over the years, we’ve seen several trucking accidents happen because the trailer had an insufficient number of reflectors. In one instance, a semi-truck driver blocked all lanes of traffic while coming out of an unmarked intersection with their matte-black trailer, which had very few reflectors along the side. When a driver approached the intersection, he was blinded by the truck’s glaring headlights – and because of the lack of reflectors, the man drove straight into the trailer and suffered several serious injuries.

In another case, a California man was killed when a semi-truck driver began reversing their flatbed – which had no reflectors along its side – into a driveway. As the man drove down the boulevard at a lawful speed, he was blinded by the truck’s lights in the median – and drove straight into the flatbed, completely shearing the top of his vehicle and killing him instantly.

While these accidents can be easily prevented with an adequate number of reflectors and proper illumination, many other trucking accidents occur because of a truck driver’s inexperience or failure to remain alert. If your client has been injured in a trucking accident, we can offer you the opportunity to revisit and show the events that led to the incident, as well as the resulting damage.

Over the years, we’ve assisted in portraying dozens of trucking accidents by working closely with our clients’ experts to ensure that the demonstratives are accurate and admissible. Here are some more examples of how we’ve assisted attorneys nationwide in attaining multi-million-dollar results for their clients:

$53 Million Verdict for brothers involved in head-on collision with semi

$4 Million awarded to 88-year-old man rear ended by semi towing massive construction equipment.

$5 Million Verdict & Punitive Damages for Tragic Loss in Big Rig Collision

We take immense pride in helping to attain justice for the survivors of catastrophic injuries and welcome any opportunity to assist you in visualizing your case to bring it to life.

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"Large trucks often weigh 20-30 times as much as passenger vehicles. They are taller and have greater ground clearance than cars, which means that lower-riding vehicles can slide beneath truck trailers, with deadly consequences. Strong underride guards can prevent that from happening."
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS)
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