Beyond Modern Business Models

A Step Ahead of Evolutionary Business Models

While the USA is a very young country in comparison to most of the world, it has certainly seen a wide variety of different business models since the European settlers first dropped anchor on American soil. An economy that once thrived solely on the successful output of crops quickly industrialized to mirror the Industrial Revolution in England. Semi-skilled employees labored in harmful environments and specialized in in few specific tasks in a production process to increase manufacturing efficiency. The Production era heavily relied on machines to mass manufacture goods in order to achieve economies of scales at a low-cost high-profit margin. As the American economy dove head first, into mass production, competition became an area of concern, giving way to the Marketing Era. Businesses recognized the need for branding and being unique in their niche. The yields of the Marketing Era proved that human interaction in branding efforts was even more effective than machinery usage. The Marketing Era evolved over time to become the Relationship Era, often where we find “business to business” models. The Relationship Era is marked by open and readily available streams of communication, allowing businesses to serve customers on a larger, yet more personable scale.

Paving the Way to a Relationship Model

So here we are, in the modern Relationship Era. We have endless ways of reaching one another, yet experts are saying that despite this, we are becoming one of the loneliest generations to exist. We believe that business handled a notch above the B2B model, a human to human model, will be the next trend in professional interaction. We are working tirelessly to overcome distant relationships in business and stay ahead of the curve to show our customers and peers how much we care about them. Here’s how you can too!

  1. Communicate often but do not sacrifice quality for quantity. Tailor your messages to be material the recipient will genuinely benefit from, or be interested in, hearing. 
  2. Be Honest and Transparent. It is not a secret that in society today, anyone is one click away from finding whatever they want to know online. Here at DK Global, we think it is imperative to embrace this time and use it as an opportunity to share with our clients and our partners as much as we can.
  3. Excellent customer service (don’t settle at great!) Did you know a customer is 4 times more likely to work with a competitor of your business if the problem is service related versus price or product related? Customer service is often representative of the quality of the product or service you are providing. Making sure you go above and beyond for your clientele is key to bridging the gap between a simple business to business model and a more compassionate, interactive human to human business model.
  4. Bring humanity to your online presence. People like to do business with other people. Trust and relationships are established when a business is more than faceless names. Upload headshots to your company website so your clients and peers know who they are working with. Allow the vibrant personalities in your company to shine by posting pictures to your social platforms of casual Friday’s, fun work events, employee birthdays, etc. Showing a more personable online presence will establish a more approachable business.

Behind The Scenes at DK Global

You have a case, you call for visual litigation support, and we work meticulously to get your visuals just right. In the event that you’ve ever wondered what that process looks like on our end, you can read about it here, but this serves as a brief overview:


  1. You call – We answer. Our team races to the phones to see who can pick up first, never letting the phone go unattended past 2 rings. We know you have a pressing matter at hand and we refuse to let it go unattended to a moment longer.
  2. You tell us what you need – We deliver with empathy. We are experts in our field and prioritize the quality of the product we have to offer. However, it is about more than that for us; it is about the service we provide and the people who are using it. Our team cares deeply about what your client is going through, and we are honored to be a piece of the puzzle that helps them get the justice they rightfully deserve. We know you have a lot at stake. You have dedicated your professional career to helping others’ in what is most often their deepest moments of need, and we do not take that lightly; you are so much more than a business to us. It is our passion to serve you with the same integrity, respect, and compassion that you serve to your clients.
  3. We work with you – Our business model is based on relationships and strategy. It is important to us that our clients are kept up to date throughout the duration of their projects. Open communication helps us develop relationships and learn what our clients like and what they need. This makes it possible for future projects run in the most efficient manner.
  4. We follow up – We want to know how your case went so we can celebrate with you!
  5. We are thankful  – We send Christmas gifts. We swing by to say hello when we are in the area. We go to trade shows for the opportunity to shake your hand and meet you face to face.

In an era where personal touch is disappearing at an alarming rate, DK Global continues to strive to stand out amongst our peers as professionals who understand the value of human relationships. While Corporate America would have us subscribe to the ideology that businesses are comprised of merely binary 1’s and 0’s, we recognize that behind every company we do business with, there exists a myriad of people from different walks of life.  People function best in society through meaningful relationships that are built upon mutual respect, loyalty, empathy, and compassion.  Why should business be any different?

Read more about the evolution of business models here.

Written by: Courtney Bowers Liaison
Aaron Birk
Alex Deaconson
Brianna Staples
Cameron Thies
Courtney Bowers
Hagen Gilbert
Heather Texter
Irma Hawkins
Michael Caldwell
Nika Hogue
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