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Behind The Visuals

The vision behind creating this demo was to bridge real life footage with animation. We are constantly tasked with animating an incident that was not captured on camera, and even if it was, it may not have been the right vantage point or angle.

We are visual storytellers here at DK. We wanted to create a powerful and vivid story in producing Collide. Our goal was also to showcase the technology and visual resources available to tell your client’s story.

We utilized 3D animation, 3D modeling, custom graphics, medical imagery, audio and video. An actress was hired to play the part of the victim in this story. Like so many cases we work on, this person was just trying to get home from work to her family and she is involved in a horrific car accident where a speeding vehicle runs a stop sign.

Using a special effects make-up artists and teaming up with the Riverside Fire Department, we were able to capture the devastating aftermath of the accident. Shattered glass from a car window, busted headlights and debris from actual incidents were used to stage this shoot. Using 3D animation we were able to capture the elements of how and why this event occurred.

In most cases, you are not able to encompass the sheer trauma and feeling of being involved in or witnessing such a catastrophic event. As we accomplish in a lot of our cases, we were able to shed light on the magnitude of the events involving this T-bone vehicle collision. The deafening silence after impact, the smoke billowing from the damaged engine and a gravely injured person clinging to life. With the amazing help of the Riverside Fire Department, we were also able to capture the life saving measures that often follow such a collision.

What is also so important, is what is going on inside the human body after a traumatic event. With 3D modeling and animation, we can seamlessly give our viewers X-ray vision to understand and realize the internal damage that is present with the victim. Using a combination of medical imagery, 3D animation and actual video, the storytelling capabilities are endless.

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Written by: Alex Deaconson Senior Visual Consultant
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