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Learning to Fly as a Team

Indoor Skydiving with DK Global

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If you’ve ever worked in a professional office environment, you’ve heard of team building. It’s an opportunity to bond, collaborate, and work toward solutions together— this translates to our dynamic as a team.  Thanks to our company’s founders, Michael and Melissa Caldwell, team building is a regular event at DK Global. The ultimate rewards from these team building experiences have been a better understanding of our team members, and a healthy habit of helping each other push past our own perceived limits.
This spring, we learned how to fly!

This year, we set the bar higher. Much higher. In fact, we set the bar so high that we were completely off the ground.
With the help of Michael and Melissa Caldwell, our team met with professional skydiving instructors at the iFly Indoor Skydiving facility in Ontario, CA, where professional skydivers go to train. iFly facilities are dotted across the United States, giving anyone who wants to defy gravity the freedom to live in the wind.  At iFly, the green light is always on – rain or shine.
This time, the green light was on for the staff of DK Global. After learning some valuable lessons from iFly's patient instructors, we were ready to jump into the technical marvel of their upright, 56-foot-tall wind tunnel.

The rest of the day was literally up in the air!





Written by: Aaron Birk Social Media Specialist
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