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The Place We Call Our Hometown

Redlands is known as the “Jewel of the Inland Empire,” and for over 70 years was the largest navel orange producing region in the world. Named for its rich red soil, the city sits halfway between Los Angeles and Palm Springs. With a stunning mountain backdrop, Redlands, California is the town DK Global calls home. Established in 1888 by midwestern and east coast pioneers, the town today continues to be famous for its deep heritage and love of oranges.

Grow and Inspire the Future

The community spirit of Redlands thrives with many locals supporting and working to advance the area’s preservation of historic resources. In the early 20th century, brothers Alfred H. and Albert K. Smiley donated a public library, known as Smiley Library, and a nearby park for the enrichment of its residents. It could be said that this helped establish a rich culture of community involvement and local philanthropy in Redlands to this day.

Being a part of a flourishing community has always been important to our CEO Michael Caldwell, who is continuously active in providing his support. He has routinely volunteered as the Head Coach for the Redlands Packinghouse Christian Academy track team and has helped establish a student store for the kids to enjoy.

Planting the Seed

Michael’s community spirit has extended into the team at DK Global, with our people constantly looking for ways to become involved. Our company has often donated to our local YMCA and Ronald McDonald House. You can also find us volunteering at both centers from time to time or doing our part to keep the neighborhood clean with regular street clean up events. Last year we made those efforts official by adopting the major street that runs parallel to our Redlands office.

Our community is important to us and we want to see it grow. At DK Global, we similarly are thriving and continuing to find ways to build ourselves up. Our recent expansion of the office has been a focal point of our team with everyone taking part in its development. We have bonded over wall decor, furniture selection, and plants. It has been a fun process recementing the memories we have made working as a team, whether it be in the community we live in or the place we work.



Our work allows us to stay closely connected to our community and to the attorneys serving their own communities across the country. We hope you liked learning a little bit about our hometown. The next time you’re in our area, make sure you stop by and visit us. We would be happy to show you around!

Written by: Heather Texter Sales and marketing Liaison
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