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The Value of a Visual - To Induce Settlement

3 Reasons Animated Visuals Lead to Faster Settlement

Working closely with attorneys for 20 years has been, and still is, a privilege. As pioneers in the field of building custom visuals for litigating attorneys, it is evident now more than ever, that visual information has the power to clarify facts, simplify complicated medical procedures, and persuade an audience. Visuals are such a powerful tool, that when they are strategically used, they can induce settlement without having the need to go to trial.

Reason One: Mechanical Precision

When a case involves an injury or death involving a complex piece of machinery, simply describing the accident or showing an inert example is not enough. In a case we worked on, the physical equipment itself went missing. It was crucial for the Plaintiff’s attorney to recreate a visual of the equipment particularly because even the Defense and insurance carriers were doubtful of how the equipment had failed.

Case Example

Instead of accepting the loss of critical evidence, we researched the original piece of machinery and rebuilt the unit through our animation piece by piece from specs. the detailed reconstruction helped the Plaintiff's attorney accurately demonstrate how the old machinery worked, and how its failure resulted in a catastrophic injury. The use of the visual animation, in this case, served as a teaching tool for and against the Defense. Soon after the animation was presented, a substantial settlement was quickly reached.

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Reason Two: Maximum Impact

Precise animations and powerful illustrations are critical when it is time to pursue justice to its fullest extent. Using accident reports, medical records, MRI scans, and expert testimony, a presentation can be customized to perfection and rendered fully for maximum effect. Fully rendered visuals arm an attorney with an evocative presentation to submit for a potential trial, and this can shatter the opposing counsel.

Case Example

Compassionate Attorney Nick Rowley used what he called, “…a presentation that any jury in the United States could understand,” when a big insurance company ignored its responsibility to help a child who was suffering from costly life-altering injuries she sustained in a rear-end collision.  The result was a $45-Million-dollar settlement on a $250,000 policy.

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Reason 3: An Equalizing Effect

The correct use of animations and visuals can equalize the power of an argument when an independent attorney is going up against a well-funded legal team from a major company.

Case Example

In a case involving the world’s largest oil company, Attorney Tim Osborn used visuals to effectively bring attention to his argument. The company had a Defense team that flat-out refused to admit liability, and its attorneys would not agree to settle during the first mediation. Most solo attorneys would be discouraged by the task of overcoming a corporate Defense, but Attorney Osborn stepped-up to the challenge.  He needed to break the communication barrier between what his medical experts were saying, and what a jury would understand about the injuries. By using medically-accurate visual-aids that would have an impact on a jury, the Defense wanted no part of a trial, and Osborn secured $5.25 Million for his client on his second attempt.

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The work DK Global Inc. has done with attorneys over the past 20 years, has shown us the power a fully realized presentation can have on the outcome of a case.


Written by: Aaron Birk Social Media Specialist
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