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Top 5 Reasons Visuals will Positively Contribute to your Case

Did you know that our world is progressively oriented toward visuals? Yes! In fact, researchers have found that in a 72-hour period we will remember about 65 percent of what we see but only 10 percent of what we hear.

Tackling Challenging Cases

We know attorneys are taking on challenging cases every day and they often contain large amounts of complicated material the jury must comprehend. So, what do you do when you feel the message you need to convey is missing something? Are visuals the answer? Yes! We are living in a visual world where everyone looks at their phones on average 52 times a day, and that means we digest information using simple, clear, and vivid graphics through our smartphones.

Let's say you or another attorney you know is working on a case involving a client in a medical practice matter. You need to show the jury what took place when the surgeon made a mistake that resulted in complications to the client. Or, you are working on a case where your client sustained major injuries in a head-on collision. What do you do? If the information you provide to the jury is too difficult to digest, the effectiveness of your persuasion will diminish. We’ve heard it before, “I had this case last year, it didn’t go the way I thought it would and I think it's because the jury was confused as to how the incident occurred.”

Times are changing and we live in a world where most of us use technology every day, the courtroom should not be an exception. Visuals provide the demonstrative evidence you need to explain complex issues to a jury.  So, why not present and assist the jury in understanding the facts and data in a simple manner? After all, the jury will be more likely to engage and maintain interest.


Written by: Heather Texter Sales and marketing Liaison
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