Favorable Settlement Obtained for Man Whose Foot was Crushed by Racehorse

Attorney Utilizes Animation to Depict the Damages Sustained

When David T. Duncan’s of Duncan Law Firm, P.C. client’s foot was crushed by a racehorse, David called upon DK Global to provide detailed animations that illustrate the extent of his client’s trauma. The Plaintiff sustained the injury while working as an exercise rider for a horse racetrack when an employee spooked the racehorse, causing it to crush the Plaintiff’s right foot. The Plaintiff sustained numerous injuries including several dislocations and severe fractures. The Defendant’s negligence in handling this incident compelled David to pursue justice for his client seeking the maximum compensation possible.

Invasive Surgeries Creates Impactful Surgical Presentation

The presentation begins with a 3D character model with a similar likeness to the Plaintiff then focuses on the foot before the injury. The foot then transitions to depict the damages sustained as the fractures are highlighted in a red glow. Furthermore, the relevant anatomy of the injury was also included and labeled to guide the viewer through the grueling experience endured by the Plaintiff. Finally, the animation demonstrates the numerous corrective procedures needed to rehabilitate the Plaintiff including the use of hardware to fix the fractures in a locked position. Attorney David T. Duncan secured a favorable settlement armed with the visual exhibits on the eve of trial for his deserving client.

David T. Duncan is a solo practitioner with over a decade of experience and prides himself on advocating honestly and relentlessly for his clients. During law school, David was selected to work at the White House as a legal extern at the Executive Office of the President, Office of Administration, and the United States Department of Justice. David serves the Bay Area community in Pleasanton handling personal injury cases.

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"When your client has suffered distinctive and complicated injuries, utilizing demonstratives is an effective strategy to move your case forward."

Michael Caldwell, Founder & CEO

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