2018 Golden Advocates Recap Largest Verdict for $53 Million

Panish Shea & Boyle & Parris Law Firm Secure $53 Million Verdict

This week we're highlighting  Brian Panish and Matthew Stumpf of Panish Shea & Boyle LLP and  R. Rex ParrisBruce Schechter, and Khail A. Parris of PARRIS Law Firm for their 2018 Golden Advocate Largest Verdict Award of $53 Million.

The Largest Verdict Award is given to those who have earned the most substantial verdict on behalf of their clients through vigorous litigation tactics. When the opposing counsel refuses to settle pre-trial, these attorneys continue the fight in court, ensuring their client receives the justice they deserve.

These titans in trial represented a devastating head-on collision case involving a big rig and two Southern California brothers. On their way back from an annual fishing trip up to Mammoth Lakes, California, the two brothers were approaching a construction zone absent of K-rails when a big rig crossed over the yellow line and into opposing traffic. The big rig crashed into the brothers’ vehicle head-on, obliterating the entire driver’s side and causing unimaginable damages to both brothers, including nearly shearing off the driver’s left arm. Despite the immense injuries both mentally and physically caused, the Defense counsel argued that the brothers’ injuries were less serious than described. To help the jury fully understand, the Plaintiff’s legal team reached out to DK Global to create a damages presentation that vividly depicted the injuries and embodied the lifelong trauma the brothers would now suffer.

Our team created a series of surgical procedure animations for both brothers. A series of 4 animations depicted the injuries and illustrated the intensive surgeries performed on the driver to save his arm. The visuals mostly focused on the driver’s left arm, beginning with the debridement and external fixator placement with arterial graft. Then, the carpal tunnel release and forearm fasciotomy were presented. The humeral shaft reduction and the internal fixation of hardware were followed by an animation of the wrist proximal row carpectomy with arthrodesis. The final surgical animation focused on the T7-T9 level fracture the passenger suffered and the Kyphoplasty balloon and cement delivered to the T7 vertebrae to correct the deformity. Visuals in hand the team of attorneys went to trial and were awarded a grand total of $53,745,374 for their clients.

Both Panish Shea & Boyle LLP and PARRIS Law Firm have obtained numerous multi-million-dollar courtroom victories and settlements. They both offer extensive experience in complex lawsuits risen after an injury or death caused by another’s disregard or wrongdoing.

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"Becoming a Golden Advocate is a prestigious honor that serves to recognize those willing to go above and beyond the expectations in the legal field and make a difference."

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