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Exclusive Interview with Rising Star Erika Contreras
Party Bus Hits, Runs Over, and Drags Plaintiff

In part two of our interview, attorney Erika Contreras discusses a case in which her client was hit, run over, and dragged almost 200 feet by a party bus. The man sustained second and third-degree burns on his back and suffered lumbar herniation. Due to the severity of his injuries, the Plaintiff had to undergo an emergency pelvic stabilization which ultimately saved his life. With so much damage done, the challenge for the attorney was showing to the jury all the injuries sustained by her client while also demonstrating the non-economic damages such as recovery and sheer pain. The 3D medical illustrations aided attorney Contreras to show the Defense that the Panish Shea & Boyle LLP team was ready to go the extra mile in court, thus reaching a favorable settlement for her client pre-trial.

Rising Star Erika Contreras of Panish Shea & Boyle LLP has faced her share of battles in the legal industry and continuously emerges on top. Watch another exclusive interview with her on a case where her client sustains a TBI and serious spinal injuries.


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