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GA: Rising Above - Deadly Malfunctioning Elevator Results in TBI

Attorneys nationwide are persevering with their work and rising above the call of duty as an advocate for those who need them. These attorneys continue to demonstrate diligence, resourcefulness, and compassion - and they remain a light of hope for their clients and peers. 

Greyson Goody is an attorney who went above and beyond for his client, settling her personal injury case a week before trial against glaring odds.

When the elevator at Mrs. K's apartment complex malfunctioned, the 400lb doors shut suddenly and struck Mrs. K in the head, causing her to lose consciousness. Mrs. K fell onto the floor with a fractured spine and a coup-contrecoup injury that left her with life-altering brain trauma. Initially, imagery of her lumbar spine showed no evident fractures until a month after the incident, creating a unique challenge for this case.

Greyson Goody of The Simon Law Group carefully navigated these hurdles and worked with DK Global to produce a detailed visual presentation depicting the damages that his client sustained, and showing the invasive medical procedures needed to rehabilitate Mrs.K.

Clearing Obstacles with Visual Medical Exhibits

Greyson utilized three separate animations to depict the injuries Mrs. K sustained and the procedures she underwent for rehabilitation. The first presentation demonstrated the trauma to Mrs. K’s head, then transitioned to a visualization of Mrs. K’s cervical and lumbar spine, showing the fractures and disc bulges at the C4-C6 levels. The second and third animations depicted the invasive procedures to correct these injuries, including a cervical decompression and fusion at the C4-C5 and C5-C6 level, and a kyphoplasty – a procedure where cement was injected into the fractured vertebra to relieve back pain.

The case settled favorably just a week before trial once the opposition was presented these irrefutable visual exhibits; an amount to financially secure Mrs.K and relieve her of her medical expenses.

Greyson Goody is an associate at The Simon Law Group. He became an attorney after watching his father, a federal public defender, try criminal cases in Wyoming. Mr. Goody was Managing Editor of the Thomas Jefferson Law Review and has obtained over $30M in jury verdicts in his 4.5 years as an attorney.


"If you’re even thinking about working with DK Global, just do it. Because if you get these animations or illustrations, it helps you connect with the jury. It helps you keep the jury active. They might not remember what you say on the stand - but they remember things visually."
Greyson Goody - The Simon Law Group


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