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$225,000 Settlement on Behalf of Wheelchair Bound Man Due to Nursing Facility Negligence
Attorney Utilizes Day in the Life Documentary to Aid in Demonstrating Damages

Attorney John R. Mittelman of the MITTELMAN LAW FIRM recently reached a settlement of $225,000 for his quadriplegic client who was injured when exiting a paratransit bus. The wheelchair lift was not brought level with the bus floor, causing the plaintiff to fall 4 feet out of the bus before landing on the pavement. The plaintiff fractured 9 different bones in both feet when he was pinned under his 300-pound wheelchair, which also sustained significant damage from the fall. The plaintiff has progressive MS, is a spastic quadriplegic, is wheelchair-dependent, and lives in a skilled nursing facility.

The defense argued that, due to plaintiff’s quadriplegia, he did not suffer any pain from his injuries; however, attorney Mittelman argued that any pain at all would trigger an extreme pain response throughout his client’s body. In addition to that fact, the plaintiff’s wheelchair gave him the ability to be mobile, independent, and to travel from the skilled nursing facility to his home 45 miles away – and this mobility was the only thing his MS hadn’t taken away from him. Yet, because of the PTSD Mittelman’s client suffered after this injury, the plaintiff hasn’t been able to travel to visit his wife in their home for over 24 months.

John Mittelman is a solo practitioner who dedicates the full measure of his energy to each case he takes on. When hired, he handles the entire matter, from intake through settlement or verdict. Mittelman has taken hundreds of medical malpractice and major personal injury through to successful settlements, verdicts, and arbitration awards over his career spanning 32 years.

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"“Day in the Life” documentaries are a wonderful way to take a brief glimpse into the lives of the client and their loved ones. We take great care to develop thought-provoking questions that allow them to really express how their lives have been changed and how important it is for them to seek justice."

Michael Caldwell, Founder & CEO

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