Casino Performer Crushed by Stage Vault Lift
Spine Injury Results in Paraplegia

Attorney Frederick Schenk, a partner at the Casey Gerry Law Firm, successfully obtained a substantial settlement for a casino performer that was rendered paraplegic while working. The Plaintiff was crushed by an underground stage vault lift when another employee raised it before his full body had entered the lift. As a result, the regular live casino performer suffered multiple fractures, bruised lungs, bilateral pulmonary contusions, and T12 paraplegia. The Defense had surveillance footage of the incident, but withheld the tape from litigation. Attorney Schenk reached out to DK Global to produce a reconstruction animation of the incident, along with a medical animation of the injuries and a "Day in the Life" video detailing the continued effects of the injury on the Plaintiff.

DK Global provided Attorney Schenk with a compelling presentation that included a reconstruction of the incident, with detailed character and scene modeling, graphics, and animation to provide the viewer with a comprehensive account of the incident and the injuries sustained. The presentation completely undermined the defense’s tactic of withholding the surveillance video, and provided an even clearer and engaging medium for understanding the facts of the incident. The medical animation depicted the severe injuries to the spine as a result of the incident, and assisted in transitioning into the “Day in the Life” video which assisted in the damages portion of the suit. The retelling of events was enhanced by a "Day in the Life" video that captured the long-term challenges the Plaintiff, and his family face in adjusting to daily tasks as a paraplegic.


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This case continues to be one of the most memorable and rewarding cases that we've had the privilege of working on. The Plaintiff's family welcomed us into their home, and we were inspired by his vitality and commitment to happiness, despite this life-changing injury.
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