Collision Caused by Box Truck’s Failure to Brake in Time
Visual Recreation Helps to Establish Liability

DK Global created a reconstructive animation for a case litigated by attorneys Walter Clark and Jessica  Albert of Walter Clark Legal Group, regarding a rear-end collision. The 41-year-old Plaintiff sustained a coup-contrecoup, and multiple injuries down his spine when he was hit and propelled forward by a box truck. The Defendant was unable to break in time after his foot was tangled in an unsecured seat belt. Attorney Albert requested visuals that recreated the incident and showed her client’s injuries.

Our visual presentation reconstructed the collision beginning with a Google map shot establishing the location of impact. Expert measurements were provided to our team to cement the accuracy of distance and the vehicle's speed. Different viewpoints were utilized to illustrate how the Defendant was unable to break in time, the distance the victim’s car was pushed, and finally the resulting injuries. The camera then zooms in to a skeletal body to showcase the different injuries along the cervical and lumbar spine that resulted from the impact.

Attorney Albert's crucial preparation on the case helped her to successfully settle the case for $400K without the need to go to trial. Attorney Jessica Albert is an associate for Walter Clark Legal Group, which has been handling a variety of personal injury cases throughout the Coachella Valley and surrounding communities for over 30 years.

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