Medical Malpractice Leads To Fatal Intubation
Victim Dies During Routine Intubation

When a negligent anesthesiologist fatally punctured a patient's lung, DK Global stepped in to assist the Plaintiff's attorney in litigation. The Plaintiff needed to be intubated in preparation for a heart surgery, however, the Eschmann wand used was far too long in proportion to her height. As a result, the wand punctured the Plaintiff's right lower lung and internal hemorrhaging ensued. The Plaintiff's air supply escaped as a laryngeal mask was placed at the base of the tongue, causing cardiac arrest. The medical animation needed to detail how a routine intubation ended in fatality.

The DK Global team used the operative report, among other medical documents, to compile an accurate medical reconstruction of the surgical procedure. 3D custom graphics and simple text allow viewers to easily understand the series of events that led to the Plaintiff's death. In addition to depicting the botched intubation that resulted in the punctured lung, the animation also details the subsequent failed attempts to correct the mistake. The surgical staff employed multiple methods to resuscitate the Plaintiff including the oxygen and laryngeal mask, as well as the jet ventilator, but none were successful. The visual aid was able to assist the Plaintiff's attorney in litigation to ensure the surviving family would be justly compensated for their loss and that the surgical team would be held accountable for their inattention.

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The animation provided in this case was vital in showing how the physician's improper intubation led to the victim's lung puncture, and ultimately her death. The visual aid gives the viewer an internal view of the injury sustained that would not be easily understood through photos or text.
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