Grocery Store's Negligence Leads to Invasive Surgery
Attorneys Utilize Mechanism of Injury Animation and Surveillance Enhancement to Demonstrate Damages

A store employee pushing shopping carts into a grocery store caught the edge of an outdoor matt with one of the cartwheels, causing a 41-year-old woman to trip and fall forward onto the concrete. Though her representing attorneys Russell Beall and William Thies, of Beall & Thies, LLC, had surveillance footage of the injurious fall, causation of injury was in question due to her past medical history; the attorneys understood the necessity to couple the film with dynamic visual aids. Attorneys Beall and Thies promptly contacted DK Global for an animation that would communicate the actual mechanism of injury and the surgical procedures necessary to correct that injury. Their strategy proved successful as they were able to settle the case in favor of their client.

The presentation begins with a breakdown of the surveillance footage which captures the cause of the Plaintiff’s fall as well as the severity of her uncontrolled descent to the ground. It then transitions to a Mechanism of Injury, which labels exactly how and why the Plaintiff fell. This aided in drawing close attention to the negligent party, showing clear liability. Zooming in further, the animation transformed to a transparent view of the Plaintiff’s cervical spine and left wrist, where her injuries unnervingly glowed red to highlight her wounds. Following these compelling visuals, a surgical animation acutely detailed the two corrective surgeries the Plaintiff had to undergo because of the calamitous fall.

DK Global’s efforts to effectively communicate the severity of the fall and injuries sustained proved vital as they assisted attorneys Beall and Thies while presenting their client’s case. A settlement of $750,000 was promptly secured in the Plaintiff’s favor, adding another successful litigation to the firm’s impressive reputation.


“This was a significant recovery in a very problematic causation case. However, DK Global provided Beall and Thies with the tools we needed to ensure success for our client.” – Russell Beall


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