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$11M Settlement for Mother and Daughter Catastrophically Injured in Truck Collision

Night fell along the I-10 freeway near Palm Springs, California as a rainstorm passed overhead. The heavy downpour slickened the highway. A big rig driver struggled to see through his windshield. Still, he sped through traffic, disregarding the dangerous conditions. Suddenly, the truck hydroplaned and jackknifed across all the lanes. Behind him was a mother and daughter in a sedan. As the truck’s side markers illuminated from their headlights, they slammed on their brakes, but the slippery conditions made their efforts to stop futile. They crashed underneath the trailer, their roof nearly ripping off completely. Both women suffered substantial injuries. Their attorneys, Evan Garcia and Greyson Goody of The Simon Law Group, secured the women an $11,000,000 settlement using an animation that visualized their damages and the invasive surgeries they endured.

It took the jaws of life to free the women from the wreckage. They were both rushed to a nearby hospital to treat their grisly lacerations and traumatic brain injuries. However, the mother’s injuries were the gravest. She suffered a staggering number of facial fractures, requiring several painstaking procedures. When the daughter was released from the hospital, she was referred to Evan and Greyson.

Evan and Greyson reviewed the evidence and photographs of the scene. Looking at the blood and debris covering the car’s interior, they knew both women suffered massive damages. They filed an astounding 33 motions to compel during discovery and learned the Defendant was self-insured with a $1,000,000 policy limit. They uncovered dashcam footage of the Defendant driving irresponsibly, confirming his liability. With the drivers negligence and causation established, the two focused on communicating the women’s damages. Evan and Greyson shared their clients’ medical records with DK Global, and tasked them with creating a damages overview presentation focusing on the mother.

The animation began with a 3D model of the mother’s lacerations spanning her left cheek and forehead. Then, her skeleton was shown next to her medical imagery, revealing 15 broken bones. To illustrate the severity of her brain injury, her CT scans were colorized and laid over her 3D model. Next, the surgery to drain the excess cerebrospinal fluid surrounding her brain was animated, showing doctors drilling into her skull. Finally, surgeons lifted the woman’s face to seal her lacerations, remove necrotic tissue, and repair her facial fractures using metal plates.

Evan and Greyson presented the animations during a deposition of their client’s treating surgeon. The surgeon authenticated the accuracy of the visuals. After realizing how damaging the animation would be if it was presented during trial, the Defense offered to settle the case for $11,000,000.

Litigation Manager and trial attorney Evan Garcia has recovered over $30,000,000 in verdicts and settlements, representing the survivors of catastrophic injuries in California and Texas. Before joining The Simon Law Group, Evan worked at a boutique law firm and consultancy agency as the youngest member to supervise a team of tax controversy professionals. Additionally, Evan serves as a liaison to Justice HQ, a members-only plaintiff’s organization of high-caliber attorneys.

Greyson Goody is a Partner and senior trial attorney at The Simon Law Group. Since beginning his career, Greyson has obtained over $40,000,000 in jury verdicts. In 2019, Greyson was named “Street Fighter of the Year” by the Consumer Attorneys of California and has been consecutively recognized as a “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers since 2018.


"We realized that this case was going to be different than others ... so we're looking for demonstratives that can really help tell the jury the damages and tramatic experience that these two young ladies went through."
Evan Garcia - The Simon Law Group


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