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Devastating Fire Takes the Life of Mother and Daughter
Exclusive Interview: Over $5 Million-Dollar Settlement

Attorneys Sean Burke and Jason Argos of Law Offices of Sean M Burke took on a devastating fire case in which mother and 4-year-old daughter lost their lives due to negligent apartment upkeep. The two Orange County lawyers fought for the victim’s families to obtain a 5.685 million-dollar settlement, a legacy of the two victims in this tragedy.

The attorneys needed to demonstrate to the audience their theory that the smoke had built up in the house and had eventually led to the death of the mother and daughter. In the wake of consulting with multiple experts, they reached out to DK Global to prepare an expert informed visual presentation that accurately reenacted the events of the fire. The presentation was composed of two animations, the first illustrating the placement of the faulty fire alarms, the locations of where missing fire alarms should have been placed, and the spread of the smoke within the apartment ultimately causing the unnecessary deaths. The second animation acted as a “What If” scenario, demonstrating the victims’ capability to escape had the smoke alarms been functioning.

This case underwent multiple levels of mediation, depositions, motions for summary judgment, and more before a favorable settlement was reached. After close to two years, attorneys Sean Burke and Jason Argos reached their client’s deserving amount three weeks before trial, an amount that would allow the family to grieve without the financial burden of the loss.

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