72 Year-Old Suffers Crushed Leg Injuries
72 Year-Old Suffers Crushed Leg Injuries

Georgia attorney, Gwyn Newsom, represented a man who sustained permanent leg damage when he was hit by a van in a McDonald's parking lot. The 72-year old exited his vehicle and was walking into the McDonald's when a distracted commercial vehicle driver struck him and ran over his leg. The collision caused open fracture and crush injuries, as well as risk of amputation. Despite surgical procedures to fix the break, the Plaintiff still suffers from pain, swelling and the risk of amputation. Attorney Newsom contacted DK Global to support her damages argument by creating a visual aid that would leave no room for the defense to disregard the Plaintiff's lasting injuries.

DK Global traveled to Georgia and compiled a day-in-the-life style documentary showing how the injuries continue to affect the Plaintiff's daily life. DK Global's Creative Director followed the Plaintiff and captured footage of him performing routine tasks that are now difficult due to the injuries sustained. Additionally, a drone was used to capture high definition footage of the incident scene, further establishing the accuracy of the presentation. The reconstruction, which aided in proving liability, animated the collision from multiple points of view to adequately represent the scope of the collision. Ultimately, the presentation showed that the driver and thus, his company, were liable for the collision and that the Plaintiff deserved substantial compensation for his injuries. Attorney Newsom ensured justice for her client, and won big in the amount of just over $1 million!

"...We are also entitled to prejudgment interest on our $1 million policy limit demand from March 2014 to the present that they refused to pay, plus attorneys' fees and costs (including all DK Global costs) from January 2016 to the present as a result of achieving at least 125% of our Rule 68 offer of settlement in December 2015 for $775,000 that the Defendants refused to pay. The only exhibit the jury asked to see again was the DK Global animation. Thank you [DK Global] team for a huge victory for Team Skinner!" - Gwyn Newsom

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