Plaintiff Survives After Tire Forcibly Smashes Into His Windshield
Attorney Uses 3D Reconstruction Animation to Demonstrate to Jury

Thomas Sacchetta of Sacchetta & Baldino has acquired a substantial figure on behalf of a deserving client who survived a violent collision while driving on a busy interstate.

When recreating a traffic collision, exceptional care must be paid to reconstructing the scene and to the severity of the impact as it occurred. In the above-depicted animation, the Plaintiff survived a tire smashing forcibly into his windshield, causing his airbag to deploy and his vehicle to careen into the wall of the emergency lane. Though surviving the crash, the Plaintiff was faced with a bodily injury that caused prolonged pain which impacted his quality of life. Therefore, the Plaintiff sought the representation of an attorney as he strove to hold the negligent driver responsible for catalyzing the crash accountable for his medical expenses.

The animation began with a detailed view of the scene, clearly labeled with pertinent directional information. The animation then progressed to show the Defendant driving his vehicle down a busy interstate. As the Defendant drove his vehicle in the southbound lane, his front driver side tire began to falter and soon propelled off the axle of his car. The tire bound across several lanes, scaled the median, and forcibly collided with the Plaintiff’s windshield as he was driving in the northbound lane. The Plaintiff was shown swerving erratically across several lanes as the tire being lodged in his windshield led to the expulsion of his airbag.  The Plaintiff’s vehicle eventually came to a stop upon hitting the wall in the emergency lane with great force. The animation then culminated with actual scene photos overlapping the created illustration; communicating to the viewer how violent the impact was.

The moving nature of the animation, coupled with compelling litigation tactics, proved effective as a substantial, yet confidential amount was acquired for the Plaintiff.

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