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SoCal 7-Year-Old Girl Drowns In Community Pool
Seven Figure Settlement Received

Founder of the Newport Beach-based Seegmiller Law Firm, William Seegmiller, successfully obtained a seven-figure settlement after the County of San Bernardino’s negligence led to the death of a seven-year-old girl. This case gained media attention when Stacie Garcia drowned in the deep end of a community pool that was under-equipped. Seegmiller reached out to DK Global to produce a visual presentation that would not only accurately depict Stacie’s experience, but would also show the numerous ways that the county failed to provide adequate safeguards for its visitors.

The team at DK Global put together a documentary-style presentation that featured custom 3D graphics, actual footage of the scene, voice narration, and photos from the client, all guided by witness testimony and expert feedback. The presentation followed the events leading up to Stacie’s death and documented the numerous ways the county could have ensured a safer environment for her and the rest of the community. DK reenacted the events that unfolded to provide an accurate and compelling account of the incident. With the presentation, Seegmiller was able to appropriately express the severity of the county’s negligence and achieve a large settlement for Stacie’s family before going to trial. The stipulations of the settlement also include the county taking concrete steps to ensure the pool’s safety.

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