Underground Vault Propane Explosion
$6.5 Million Verdict - Serious Injuries Sustained

The plaintiff in this case was a pool and spa technician who was severely injured when an underground vault, which contained heating elements, control panels, and gas lines, became filled with propane gas and exploded with him partially inside. The plaintiff suffered extensive burns, spinal fractures, and multiple lacerations, and continues to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. Attorneys Daniel P. Powell and Michael P. O'Connor of the law firm of Thon, Beck, Vanni, Callahan, & Powell contacted DK Global to create a visual presentation of the incident that would provide a visceral experience for the jury to consider during the ensuing trial.

Using cutting-edge production software, the team at DK Global designed an Accident Reconstruction video that successfully demonstrated the defendant’s liability and the damages that resulted. By using input from forensic experts, the production team was able to recreate each detail of the accident with a high level of accuracy. Through multiple angles and points-of-view, the animation displays the suspenseful sequence of events that led to the explosion and demonstrates the powerful forces that occurred after the accumulated gas ignited. In the end, the jury was convinced by the plaintiff’s arguments and awarded a substantial verdict of $6,500,000.

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Due to the collaboration between our production team and the forensic experts, we were able to create a presentation that conclusively proved liability. We are grateful the plaintiff was justly compensated for the severe injuries he suffered due to the defendant's negligence.
Michael Caldwell, President & CEO |
President & CEO
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