Faulty Truck Overturns Four Times with Texan Family Inside
Forensic Animation Reconstructs the Incident and Highlights the Plaintiff’s Injuries

A family of three was driving home from a fishing trip when their vehicle skidded off the road. It hit an embankment which caused the car to overturn four times, before landing in the upright position. The father died in the incident, and his young daughter was left with major injuries, including severe brain damage. Attorney David Harris of Sico Hoelscher Harris, LLP, requested a presentation that reconstructed the incident, highlighting the poor infrastructure of the vehicle and a portion highlighting the multiple injuries that the young girl sustained.

The presentation commences with the reconstructed scene matching the roadway where the traumatic episode took place. Key components of the vehicle are labeled, including the poor restraint system, the lack of rollover crashworthiness, the defective and weak roof structure, the defective glazing system, and the unlaminated window glass. The animation shows the truck losing control as it enters a curve in the roadway, causing the vehicle to skid off the right side of the roadway. The truck subsequently strikes an embankment, causing it to overturn uncontrollably in four rotations before landing with great force in the upright position. The presentation culminated with the camera panning around the resting position of the vehicle while scene photos overlaid the modeled vehicle to further demonstrate the carnage of the incident. This objectively identified the vehicle manufacturer’s negligence as the cause of the fatal, yet preventable incident. Consecutively, the damages’ portion includes a visual of a character with a similar likeness to the girl. The image then goes transparent to highlight each one of the child’s injuries throughout her body. Presentation in hand, attorney Harris was able to secure a settlement on behalf of his client.

David Harris is widely regarded as one of the top trial lawyers around the country amassing multiple multi-million-dollar verdicts and settlements on behalf of his clients. As a talented and zealous trial advocate, Mr. Harris uses his successes in the courtroom to speak out for those who have been harmed at the hands of others.

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