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Smoke Alarms Malfunction, Woman Dies In Apartment Fire
Woman Dies After Smoke Alarms Fail to Sound

The American Red Cross reports that an estimated 890 lives could be saved each year if all homes had working smoke alarms. The victim, in this case, was a resident of an apartment complex who was killed after smoke alarms failed to alert her to a fire. Once the fire had spread throughout her apartment, she attempted to escape. Evidence shows that neighbors reported hearing noises of a struggle coming from the apartment. With flames and smoke engulfing the apartment, scene photos of crumbling drywall on the floor confirm she was cornered in her bathroom and desperately clawed at the walls as a last attempt to survive. Unfortunately, her efforts were futile.

Looking for some justice, the victim’s family contacted a local attorney to hold the apartment complex responsible for their negligence in providing functional smoke detectors. For the liability portion of the suit, the attorney employed an expert to testify to the fact that the management company failed to upkeep the smoke alarms. However, damages proved to be more difficult. DK Global was commissioned to create a 3D model of the apartment's layout to familiarize the viewer with the decedent’s home. In addition to the layout, DK Global also produced a dramatization of the incident for mediation purposes. Both elements contributed to understanding the pain and terror the deceased experienced because of the fire. With these compelling visuals, the Plaintiff’s attorney successfully received compensation for the family of the decedent.

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