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Through the countless hours spent working with clients and creating presentations, cases come to represent more than just names to the team at DK Global. They reflect the passion of an attorney fighting for justice and fairness, the tragedy of negligence, and hope in the face of suffering. While each case is special to us, certain cases rise above to uniquely engage, inspire, and motivate our team. The Golden Advocate Awards is our way of honoring and recognizing these extraordinary cases.

The award for Most Worthy Cause is presented to attorneys Matthew B.F. Biren and Marc J. Katzman of the law firm of Biren | Katzman who zealously represented a man whose life was turned upside-down after suffering severe crush injuries due to a catastrophic product failure when a hydraulic jack failed to hold aloft a 17 ton motorhome under which he was working. Only by luck and grace was the young man not killed; nonetheless he suffered grave injuries, including a fractured pelvis, fractured ribs, disfigured genitals, urologic damage, incontinence, and sexual dysfunction, along with a host of emotional challenges. The team at DK Global created a detailed damages presentation to show not only the immediate injury caused by the defective product, but also the lasting damage that the victim will have to live with for the rest of his life. Mr. Biren and Mr. Katzman obtained a significant settlement for their client; a bittersweet victory that will only partially offset the devastating harm that will change his life forever.

The video below encompasses a strategic combination of visual elements including 2D structure models, 3D anatomical models, animation, colorized medical imagery and an in-depth graphic presentation that effectively relays the product failure, crush injuries, corrective procedures and long lasting urological damage.

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