Woman Dies in Vehicle Rollover Due to Road Rage Incident
Defense Aimed to Show Liability of Plaintiff

Road rage can quickly turn fatal; 66% of traffic fatalities are caused by aggressive driving, according to SafeMotorist. In this video, DK worked with the defense counsel to produce an animation that shows the complexity of this road rage case. The interaction commenced with the Plaintiff cutting off the Defendant, who in turn gave the Plaintiff an unfriendly look. The interaction ensued with the Plaintiff following the Defendant across lanes at high speeds and tailgating him. When the Defendant took note of his approaching highway exit, he slowed to merge into the far right lane for the off-ramp. At that time, the Plaintiff attempted to pass the Defendant through the right side shoulder, where he ultimately lost control of his vehicle. The Plaintiff ended up flipping the vehicle across lanes and colliding into the Defendant, resulting in his passenger being ejected from the vehicle.

The team at DK Global is committed to assisting attorneys in achieving justice for their clients, by producing accurate animations and detailed illustrations that allow the audience to vividly experience any situation. The featured animation is a sample of what our team at DK can do to assist the legal teams effectively demonstrate liability in a case.

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We worked with the attorneys and experts associated with the case at every step of the way to ensure the animation was not only powerful, but precise as well. This animation shows how quickly road rage and reckless driving can become fatal, and allowed the viewer to experience the situation from multiple angles to better understand the culpability.
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