73 Year Old Cyclist Struck By Pick-up
$600,000 Settlement Awarded for the Plaintiff

Partnering with DK Global, Attorneys Thomas Blaske and John Turck of Blaske & Blaske, P.L.C. won a $600,000 settlement in a case where the precedent dictates the insurance company would typically pay out less than one-third of that amount.  In this particular matter, the plaintiff was struck by a motorist (defendant) in a crosswalk while he was riding his bicycle. The plaintiff suffered collapsed lungs, multiple fractures, and serious brain injuries from the impact. DK Global created a 3D character model of the plaintiff demonstrating damages incurred as well as a detailed, animated depiction of the brain injury, corrective procedures, and neuropsychological deficiencies. The goal of our team was to engage the viewer and bring them to a rich understanding of the physical and psychological suffering the plaintiff had to endure and we would like to congratulate Mr. Blaske and Mr. Turck on a successful outcome.

“Our case was the exception to the normal payout because of the exceptional, persuasive work DK Global did to help us help our client recover the offer & agreement.”-Thomas Blaske.


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Paying attention to operative reports and additional information provided to us by Mr. Blaske allowed for a detailed presentation that was not only conclusive, but easily understood during mediation. We are delighted to hear of the favorable outcome that Mr. Blaske received for his client.
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