Young Skateboarder Run Over by Pick-Up Truck
Confidential Settlement Awarded

Summertime fun went terribly wrong for two brothers when the driver of a pickup truck ran over a five-year old. The siblings were skateboarding near their home when the younger of the two brothers skated across an intersection. A driver approaching the intersection failed to stay vigilant, and ran over the child, causing serious injuries all over the boy’s body. The child’s attorney contacted DK Global to create a 3D accident reconstruction that would prove the driver had time to stop his vehicle before impact, had he remained observant.

DK Global used scene photos, as well as the police and incident reports to produce an accurate reconstruction of the incident. The presentation features custom 3D graphics to recreate the scene and text labeling to guide the animation. Photos from the client are woven into the presentation to depict the injuries suffered by the child following the collision. An animation is a great way to make certain the full scope of your client’s incident is fully understood at trial or mediation, which maximizes the opportunity to reach your desired settlement or verdict.

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Proving that the driver would have seen the Plaintiff, had he remained alert, was of the utmost importance. The animation allowed the jury to experience the scene from the perspective of the Defendant, which proved that the serious injuries suffered by the five-year-old could have been avoided by simple vigilance.
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